Built Environment Sustainability


CETEC’s approach to sustainability is a holistic and progressive one and we reinforce this to our clients at all stages of a project. Sustainability begins at design and continues well into operation of any facility.

CETEC delivers sustainable solutions that produce improved wellbeing or better business and organisational performance.  Through our knowledge of sustainability, we can assist your organisation in developing tangible sustainability projects and actions.

Key elements of sustainability that CETEC can assist you with include (but are not limited to):

  • Green Star advice

  • Verfication and performance testing required for the WELL Building Standard
  • Materials Selection, including low VOC products

  • Review of Sustainability Initiatives during construction, including trigeneration plant and equipments and cooling towers

  • Building Envelope Leakage Testing

  • Helping organisations develop a Sustainability Policy or Action Plan

  • NABERS Energy, NABERS Water, NABER Waste and NABERS Indoor Environment Ratings to track the operational performance of buildings in relation to benchmarked sustainability measures

  • Creating a sustainable workforce – work/occupational health and safety consulting, Work Environment Productivity Assessments (WEPAs) and risk mitigation