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Ventilation and Air Change Rate Testing for COVID-19 Risk Mitigation.

Monday 18 October, 2021

As Australia returns to work in a time where it is expected1 that COVID cases will rise, a shared aim is to ensure adequate ventilation and optimal air management are implemented in indoor spaces to reduce the risk of transmission. 

Considering indoor spaces are primarily being seen to contribute to the spread of airborne infection of COVID-192, it is essential to address poor ventilation (stagnant air) and correct air flow in shared indoor spaces including public buildings, workplaces, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, and aged care homes. 

New published research outlines a model that predicts the risk of airborne infection of COVID-19 within the indoor environment based on occupancy levels as they change throughout the day3. The risk of infection is increased if a space is poorly ventilated, or if the occupants are involved in activities that require increased levels of speaking. To assess and mitigate COVID risk, it is recommended to understand your actual ventilation rate.

Due to CETECs vast and world leading expertise with  indoor environment quality testing and COVID-19 Risk Management and Air Permeability Testing, CETEC is well equipped to conduct ventilation assessments for the offices, schools and workplaces.   

CETEC’s solutions to assess and manage ventilation within the indoor environment include a multi-step approach: 


Discuss and Inspect

  • Our expert IEQ consultants will advise, inspect, and propose the best solution. 



  • On-site performance testing of Air Change Rate (ACH) using Carbon Dioxide decay by industry recognised methods
  • On-site performance testing of Air Change Effectiveness to identify ventilation 'dead-zones' 
  • Review and comparison to internationally recognised benchmarks
  • Indoor Air Quality testing parameters 


Improvement Recommendations 

CETEC can provide guidance and solutions to ensure: 

  • Optimal ventilation is provided 
  • Optimal IAQ can be achieved 
  • Stakeholder engagement and direction
  • Customized COVID Risk Management Plans to provide infection control optimisation


To talk to us please call 03 9544 9111, 029966 9211, 07 3808 3948, 08 6102 0270 or email info@cetec.com.au 


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