Water Sampling in Hospitals

Potable Water – Sampling and Analysis

Our Service

Our trained and professional scientists conduct NATA accredited microbial potable water sampling for a broad range of facilities including for healthcare, commercial office and complex industrial buildings.

We also conduct in house analysis using our NATA accredited laboratory, FORAY Laboratories for:

  • Total Plate Count
  • Rapid Legionella testing with results in one day (including on-site option or laboratory)
  • Rapid Total Bacteria by Bactiquant -  with same day results (including on-site option or laboratory)* 

In addition to our in-house analysis, the team can also arrange testing by a third party laboratory, when the client wished to maintain independence (e.g. for verification). We have a number of existing relationships with external commercial laboratories to ensure that our clients receive the best value whilst maintaining quality.

Why Water Sampling and Analysis is Necessary 

Drinking water is often assumed to be safe, but it is not always fit-for-purpose and may contain opportunistic pathogens, including Legionella. As a result it is important for facilities to assess and understand their water quality and to ensure it is fit for purpose and does not place undue risk on building occupants.  Potable water must be safe for hygiene and drinking purposes.

Potable water sampling and analysis can be conducted to:

  • Confirm compliance to a healthcare facility’s WQRMP
  • To help understand risks
  • For healthcare and compliance testing
    • For tenants (e.g. staff occupational health and safety, shower use, drinking water)
    • For building owners (e.g. to confirm plumbing hygiene, determine microbial risk)
    • For building ratings (e.g. to comply with WELL feature number(s) 30 – 37)
    • For sensitive occupants (e.g. schools, high risk patients)

Why use the CETEC and FORAY Laboratories Team

Our consultants have extensive experience working with potable water systems, as well as a thorough understanding of state and national guidelines and legislation and can provide a higher level service than many other providers.

Some of the benefits of utilizing our service include:

  • Our consultants are minimum degree qualified - trained professionals with a high understanding of risk and management strategies
  • We have a strong knowledge of hydraulic systems and understanding of common system failures
  • We have an understanding of inter-related water chemistry issues
  • We have the ability to conduct in depth investigations, if more specialised testing is required

Contact us to discuss your water sampling, water testing or water quality risk management requirements.


CETEC’s wholly owned laboratory, FORAY Laboratories is NATA accredited for potable water sampling and analysis for microbiological analysis.

This accreditation verifies FORAY’s competence according to ISO 17025 and provide our clients with results they know can trust.  

NATA accredited

Foray Laboratories is NATA accredited laboratory No. 1231 for Chemical and Biological Testing 

*Not a NATA endorsed test 

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