Pipework can be complex in many healthcare facilities

Water Quality & Legionella Risk Management

CETEC is recognised as an industry leader in conducting investigations into water quality following a Legionella outbreak as well as providing a full suite of Legionella risk management services to property owners and building managers. 

CETEC's key services that help you to mitigate the Legionella risk in your water systems includes:

  • Water Quality Risk Management Plans (WQRMPs)
  • Emergency disinfections
  • Routine water sampling and water analysis (NATA accredited) and rapid onsite water testing (including NATA accredited for Legionella testing)
  • General consulting - including independent audits & reviews


Why Choose CETEC?

Since 2013 alone, CETEC has provided to Legionella risk management expertise and services to more than 100 hospital and other high risk sites. Learn more

We welcome your calls on 07 3808 3948 | 03 9544 9111 | 02 9966 9211 | 08 6102 0270 or contact us to discuss your water quality risk management requirements.

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Recent Presentations

CETEC presented two sessions at the National Legionella Conference held in November 2017 on the Gold Coast.

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Agar plate showing a legionella species 
Agar plate showing Fluoribacter bozemanae also known as Legionella bozemanae