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WHS Management

With the national harmonised Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws already rolled-out across most of the country, it’s important to know if your WHS documentation is in-line with the new legislative requirements.

CETEC Pty Ltd provides an assessment process and advice on OHS Management Systems applicable in the following circumstances:

  • Review of principal contractor OHS Management Systems for tender submissions
  • Review of sub-contractor OHS Management Systems prior to engagement
  • Checklist audits of job-specific Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) for compliance with specific property risks such as asbestos, dangerous goods, dust, mould or environmental hazards
  • Site inspections,safety audits and OHS gap analysis 

CETEC can also develop Safety Management Plans specific for Projects and supply document which will be incorporated into your current Safety Management System (SMS). This document includes the latest information available on risk management, current legislation and OHS standards.

Our process is consistent with the generic processes set out in AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk management - Principles and Guidelines (superseding Australian Standard AS4360 Risk Management).

Our reviews comprehensively cover Safety Management requirements during all the following stages:

  • Design
  • Tender
  • Construction
  • EPCM
  • Commissioning

For construction project managers, the lines of WHS responsibility can be blurred. Project management is a complex process with multilevel responsibilities and roles and there are inevitably safety risks and management roles which reflect these situations. Some safety risks are organisational or business risks for some roles.

For example, a principal contractor (PC) who has site "ownership" will have the responsibility of OHS management on site. However as a project manager representing their client, any poor OHS management by the PC will potentially be a reflection of the project manager’s capabilities, this is more likely to be a business risk. Where practical, the Safety processes should include steps that minimise associated risks and may be third party reviews of the PC's system.

Call us to discuss your individual situation and how CETEC can help you in understanding the current gaps in your WHS System.