CETEC Field team at Pitt Street in 2011 lead testing using XRF

Work Health & Safety

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Expertise in Legionella Risk Management

CETEC assists major public or high risk facilities including health and aged care facilities in managing their microbial water quality and Legionella risk. Learn more about CETEC's relevant experience and expertise.

Potable Water – Sampling and Analysis

For NATA accredited microbial potable water sampling and water analysis for a broad range of facilities including for healthcare, commercial office and complex industrial buildings.

Productivity Assessments

It is important to measure the physical work environment and the productivity of the workforce in order to determine where opportunities for improvement are possible and to capitalise on some of the significant cost savings available for organisations. CETEC has the tools to make such Facility Ecology and Work Environment Productivity Assessments possible.

Dangerous Goods Consultancy

Laboratory, hospital and plant designers are required to assess risks over the lifecycle of the facility. It is at the design stage that CETEC provide dangerous goods consultancy expertise to ensure compliance.

Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE)

Benchmarking and evaluating the performance of existing operational buildings is essential for property owners, facilities managers, and tenants so that they can ensure that the building is operating to somewhere near its full potential. Post occupancy evaluations allow this evaluation to take place.

Outrage Management

There are many techniques and tools that CETEC can use to identify and reduce occupant or employee outrage; however all of the techniques revolve around the one central theme – communication. Individuals who are or have been impacted by a risk event should be consulted, briefed and educated.

Risk Management

Technical risks can be diverse and complex. At CETEC we focus on reducing your risk and providing solutions to assist with your risk management. CETEC has the experience and expertise to effectively manage your risk.


Mycometer® testing equipment provides state of the art rapid (onsite) microbiological methods for assessing the levels of microbial contamination for: Indoor Environments; Water Quality; Industrial Applications. CETEC is an Australian distributor for Mycometer® plus we use the equipment in our own consulting service.
Total 23 articles in this section.
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